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Snoring/Sleep Apnea Alert: Stop Snoring Before It Stops You!

silentnite01Snoring can kill you.  The struggle for breath can result in soaring blood pressure that can cause heart disease, stroke and kidney failure.  30% of the population under 40 snores, while 50% over the age of 60 does.  Sleep Apnea is the direct cause of over 40,000 cardiovascular deaths per year.

So while snoring can be annoying to the significant other,  it can be deadly to the person doing the snoring.  If you snore and have obvious signs of sleep deprivation such as morning headaches, feeling sleepy during the day and your snoring is very irregular, you are well advised to get a professional opinion.

Usually the first step is to be screened by your physician or dentist who will determine whether you should be referred to a sleep diagnosis center.  The sleep center will be able to determine the level of severity of your sleep apnea and recommend an appropriate range of treatment options.

For treatment of low to moderate levels of sleep apnea, I have found the “silent nite” appliance to be the most comfortable and effective.  This has been confirmed on many of our patients who have obtained very good results using the “silent nite” during follow up sleep center studies.

Please don’t risk your health on magic drops or low budget self fitted appliances.  Just like parachutes and life preservers, a properly chosen and fitted appliance based on thorough diagnosis is where you want the best available.

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