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Dr Schwan’s Tooth Saving eMax/Cerec 3D CAD/CAM Crowns

cere01As a West Chester, PA Dentist, we  are pleased to offer the best natural tooth colored restorations available.  By using our Cerec 3D CAD-CAM acquisition (photo impression) and milling  system, in addition to the Empress pure porcelain restorations we have placed for more than eight years, we now have the remarkable IPS e.Max Lithium Disilicate which is the next generation of crown and bridge material.

The e.Max material  is a monolithic glass ceramic block.  With monolithic crowns we do not have to worry about the porcelain chipping or fracturing from the gold or zirconia substructure.  In a recent study at New York University, e.Max proved to be three times more resistant to material failure than the next strongest zirconia layered crowns and five times stronger than porcelain over gold.

Even more important, the microscopic particles are round which results in minimal wear against opposing teeth compared to layered porcelain which when worn or broken can be very abrasive.

In additon, since there is no metal involved, Cerec restorations offer thermal protection to the remaining tooth structure and virtually eliminate that annoying line between the natural tooth and the new restoration be it a crown, onlay or veneer.

We are truly excited to offer the Cerec 3D restorations as the best  tooth-saving technology.

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