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Bad Breath Quick Cures


The universal desire to be socially acceptable is often fraught with challenges.  One of the most common obstacles to “closeness” is “BAD BREATH”!  So what can you do to pass through this possible minefield of rejection?  Consider using the following  “Quick Cures”.

  1. Stay Hydrated:  The most common cause of morning breath, headaches and muscle spasms is lack of adequate water in your diet.  Eight-eight ounce glasses a day seems like a lot but if you even approach this goal, you’ll feel a lot better.
  2. Gargle with mouth wash: Listerine is alcohol based but that’s why it works!  There are also excellent non-alcohol based mouthwashes that work well.  The least expensive is 3% Hydrogen Peroxide cut in half with water.
  3. Clean your teeth, gum tissue and tongue:  Start with flossing between the teeth (be sure to wrap the floss against each opposing tooth in the space your in and go up and down several times); an alternate to floss is the “Stimudent” triangular tooth picks or for tight spaces try the new “Ultradent Opalpix”  which are thinner for tight spaces.   The last thing you should do is brush your teeth, gum tissue and tongue surface with a good quality manual or better yet electric toothbrush using one of the whitening/desensitizing toothpastes.  For example Crest’s “Pro-Health” or “Sensodyne”.

Please note the order is important!  By leaving the brushing with toothpaste as last,  you should spit out but not rinse.  The important beneficial ingredients in toothpaste need to soak in over at least a half hour.  If you rinse afterward, all those benefits go down the drain!

An Adjunct to all the above is to prevent your lips and nose passages from drying out.  Lips appreciate any good quality lip balm.  For the nostrils, you can place any unscented vaseline or skin lotion that will keep the mucous membranes moist.  If the air passages are blocked, use any basic saline nasal spray before applying the lubricant.  Keeping the mucous membranes healthy minimizes the ability for unwanted cold or flu viruses from getting into your system.

Remember to floss or pic only the teeth you want to keep!

And forget about the duct tape!badbreath01

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