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OMNICAM 3D Dental Camera

Dr Schwan is as excited as a newborn baby to announce the arrival of the Omnicam 3D Dental Camera which is the very latest upgrade.


The Omnicam can take a full color 3D image of the entire mouth that makes possible precise and predictable results for all our natural tooth colored restorations that can be done in one visit.      

The Omnicam also correlates its images with those taken by our new Galileos Comfort Plus Cone Beam Scanner.  This enables us to place implants and the associated restorations with results unmatched by any other existing system.

sirona-implantWhile the Omnicam gives us precise images in the mouth,

The Galileos Comfort Plus provides a map for the surgeon to carefully place the implant in the proper location with the best bone support while avoiding delicate structures such as the mandibular nerve and other anatomic anomalies.

The next time you visit our office, you may hear a new tune being played by the Omnicam 3D Dental Camera as it gathers up data for another photo impression of someone’s mouth.


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