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Migraine Headaches and TMJ Pain Relief With the NTI-tss

nti03nti02The NTI-tss stands for the Nociceptive(perception of things that could be harmful) Trigeminal(the fifth cranial nerve that branches to the eye, upper jaw and lower jaw) Inhibition; t(tension) s(suppression) s(system).  The NTI-tss is a small, virtually invisible mouthpiece that covers only your upper or lower incisor teeth while you sleep.  The NTI-tss is custom fitted by your dentist in about a 30 minute visit.

The NTI-tss is the only dental appliance approved by the FDA for the relief of migraine headaches.  It has a 70% success rate. It also has been used by myself and other dentists to successfully treat TMJ problems.

The key to the NTI-tss is the anterior bite plane (DE=Discluding Element) which sends feedback to your brain even while your asleep that reduces the level of masticatory muscle tension.

It is truly amazing to have a patient come in for a post insertion visit and remark that they had no idea how tense their oral muscles were until they used the apppliance and their muscles finally started to relax.

For a more detailed explanation of the NTI-tss, go to my web site www.drschwan.com or www.headacheprevention.com.  So how do you spell relief?  NTI-tss.

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