Snap-On Smile Not A SNAP!

snapon02“Snap-On Smile” is a patented product that is anything but a snap.  They are the best costume teeth available but like any artificial covering, they have specific limited applications and many significant prohibitions.  There are also several brands of the same basic concept; a few are of good quality and many are only one time use costume teeth that are blatantly cheap in all aspects.

The main application that I recommend is only after having  a dental exam and clearance that the teeth and gum tissue are stable and healthy.  The quick smile concept is in fact a reversable, trial or transitional device used by qualified dentists to primarily:

  • Evaluate how much change can be made to badly worn or poorly formed teeth in order to achieve the best results toward normal function and satisfactry smile esthetics.
  • Evaluate the potential options for cosmetic improvements to the size, shape, color and position of your teeth.
  • Temporarily replace missing teeth while waiting for a more durable result from implant supported crowns, conventional bridgework or a durable removable appliance.
  • Evaluate the potential effect of cosmetic changes to the size and location of the gum tissue framing your teeth.

The serious prohibitions include but are not limited to:

  • Increased Bulkiness of something foreign in your mouth
  • Snap in is no guarantee that they’ll stay in during eating, sleeping or kissing.
  • They can break!
  • Potential to initiate or aggravate tooth decay or gum infection.
  • There must be healthy intact teeth available to hold on to.
  • Eating while appliance is in place is not easy or recommended.
  • Cost that could be applied to final restoration.

Under the right circumstances, the “Snap In” type smile fix can be very useful when properly used.