Dental Crowns

Damaged teeth can be detrimental to a perfect smile. They also can lead to deeper problems such as infections, which can be a risk to your overall health. Teeth that have been damaged or decayed sometimes need more protection than a regular dental filling can provide.

Protecting your teeth with a Dental Crown

Dental Crowns are a simple “cap” that completely covers the damaged tooth. Each one of the crowns that Dr. Schwan creates is custom crafted to match the exact size, shape, and color of your teeth. A perfectly made crown is virtually identical to the original tooth!

Getting these kinds of results requires an experienced dental team like the one at Dr. Schwan’s West Chester Dental office. Dr. Schwan offers dental crowns that are expertly crafted to create a comfortable bite, and will protect your tooth for years to come.

How do I know if I need a Dental Crown?

If it hurts to bite down, or if you are sensitive to hot or cold food and beverage, your tooth may be cracked. A cracked tooth can be serious, and may require a dental crown.

Crowns are also recommended when decay or other damage has affected more than 50% off the tooth structure. Sometimes after a root canal a crown can be used as extra protection for the tooth. A conversation with Dr. Schwan to find out if you are a candidate for dental crowns is always recommended.

Single Visit Crowns With Cerec 3

Many patients will choose a “single visit crown”. Dr. Schwan, an expert Cerec 3 dentist, can lessen the amount of time it takes to make a dental crown. Normally a crown can take up to 3 visits, but with Cerec 3 technology it can be done in a single visit.

Cerec uses a 3d imaging technology to create a customized dental crown that fits your mouth perfectly, and can completely blend in with you existing tooth color. Cerec restorations are highly recommended due to their durability and compatibility.

Getting Crowns In West Chester PA

If you have questions about dental crowns, single-visit crowns, or Cerec 3 Dentistry, Dr. Schwan can help you understand your options for treatment. Call (610) 431-0700 or Contact Dr Robert Schwan to schedule your consultation.

Dr. Schwan’s dental office is located in West Chester Pennsylvania, across from Chester County Hospital. Dr. Schwan always welcomes patients from the greater Chester County area.


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